Core Beliefs

USLAW NETWORK’s core beliefs center around exceptional client service in everything we do, strong working relationships across the NETWORK and collegiality among our membership that extends broadly to our client audience. Our core beliefs help set the path forward for our organization. Read on to learn how they contribute to our NETWORK’s growth, help us support the legal needs of our client community wherever they may arise, and what sets us apart from the rest of the pack.  This strong and principled foundation propels business forward.

Member Led and Driven: We are a member-led and driven organization of independent law firms with the capability and desire to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively to the full range of potential client legal needs, nationally and internationally.

Client-Service Focused: Our members are focused and committed to the delivery of highly effective and responsive client service. We prioritize the success of our clients by reducing and mitigating their operational risks. The success of our clients will lead to greater opportunities and rewards for our members.

Active Participation: We believe that the more we help our fellow members expand and improve their business, the more we will receive in return.

Collegiality: The hallmark of our members in their relations with one another and our client guests is collegiality. USLAW member attorneys respect our clients’ comfort and their existing relationships with other members. We strive to create an atmosphere of mutual trust.

Relationships: With and between members and their clients, USLAW is in the business of building, maintaining, nurturing and growing relationships. We focus on understanding each other’s businesses, as well as personal interests. We believe that long-standing relationships with clients and members yield the greatest results, personally, professionally and financially.

Responsiveness: We expect our members to be highly responsive to requests for assistance from fellow members, clients and the organization. A key component of the delivery of excellent client service is highly responsive and effective communication.

Professional Service: We believe that our fellow members are our best and most important clients and should be treated as such. In turn, our members should likewise highly value the opportunities to respond to client needs made through the introduction of a fellow member. We should be candid with one another when the client’s interest is best served by making a good referral to a more appropriate solution.

Accountability: We hold one another accountable to these values and to the expectations that come with the opportunities to provide excellent client services through our membership in USLAW. We hold ourselves accountable to invest appropriate resources in USLAW so that we can maximize the opportunities for our firms.

Profitability: USLAW creates an opportunity for our members to have access to a number of client service opportunities and best business practices, providing the opportunity to increase the members’ revenues and decrease firm operating expenses.

Geography: Geography is a relevant issue and concern to our members and our clients and a critical asset and strength of USLAW. With respect to our members, we must respect one another in order to have an organization whose relationships are fostered by trust and collegiality. Our clients expect us to render legal services that understand the legal and business processes and communities of the jurisdictions in which we hold out our members as practicing. We choose to look at the additional opportunities presented to USLAW through new client relationships or areas of practice that may conflict with our historic focus on geographic restriction, recognizing that the legal profession and business of law firms is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace. We must be prudent in encouraging and fostering greater client service opportunities while balancing member concerns and in the process foster better local communication where firms may have overlapping geographic offices.

Corporate Partners: The provision of legal services requires the additional contributions of highly experienced corporate partners to support the efforts of our members. We value this partnership as it allows for a higher level of client service. Corporate partners have the opportunity to develop close and beneficial relationships with more than 100 member firms, as well as hundreds of direct client relationships. Click here to view more about our corporate partners.

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