Law School Partnerships

USLAW NETWORK is proud to facilitate opportunities for current diverse law students to connect to USLAW NETWORK resources and USLAW NETWORK member firms across the United States. Amidst the efforts involved in the scholarship program and virtual job fair, USLAW NETWORK has expanded its recruiting efforts to include over 175 ABA-accredited law schools, including all six historically black colleges, and anticipates through the efforts of the USLAW NETWORK Diversity Advisory Committee initiatives, to partner with many more from coast to coast in the near future. We welcome all shared connections to reach out to Cheryl at

These efforts are not new to USLAW NETWORK or our member firms. In fact, in the past, USLAW NETWORK partnered with Howard University School of Law in Washington, D.C. for several recruiting efforts, including an in-person recruitment day in 2019 and a virtual recruitment day in 2021 to connect second- and third-year Howard University law students with USLAW member firms for both summer positions and for entry-level positions after graduation.

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