Business Litigation and Class Actions

The USLAW NETWORK Business Litigation and Class Actions Practice Group offers top-quality legal services to their clients, with proven collective depth and experience in all aspects of business/commercial litigation and class action practice.

Our members have worked together frequently on business litigation matters and provide proven cohesive and complete legal representation to clients on a national basis, offering not only depth of service but breadth of skill and experience.

Why Choose USLAW Business Litigation Law Firms?

Through the sharing of resources, experience and knowledge, we are able to provide expeditious, efficient and effective representation to clients with needs in various areas of law, jurisdictions and forums across the United States.  The members of our Group share a common philosophy:  We are committed to providing intelligent and aggressive representation to clients in active litigation, while at the same time, recognizing the value in exploring business solutions to clients’ legal problems and using alternative dispute resolution forums, such as arbitration and mediation, where feasible.

Areas of Focus

Our member firms have extensive experience handling disputes covering a broad range of areas in both state and federal court. These areas include:

  • Administrative law agency/tribunal matters
  • Anti-trust disputes
  • ADR, including arbitration and mediation
  • Appellate proceedings/issues
  • Banking/financial institution disputes
  • Business/business dissolution disputes
  • Class actions
  • Condemnation/eminent domain disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Corporate/shareholder disputes
  • Credit report disputes
  • Lease disputes
  • Real property disputes
  • Securities litigation/disputes
  • Technology disputes



Bryan P. Couch

Connell Foley LLP
Newark, NJ
United States
Vice Chair

Shea Sisk Wellford

Martin, Tate, Morrow & Marston, P.C.
Memphis, TN
United States

Joseph S. Goode

Laffey, Leitner & Goode LLC
Milwaukee, WI
United States
Educational Coordinator

Nicholas C. Grant

Ebeltoft . Sickler . Lawyers
Dickinson, ND
United States


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