USLAW for Corporate Partners

USLAW NETWORK is supported by our family of corporate partners, each of whom provides a high-level expertise to our member firms and their clients. These companies are truly partners and not vendors as their services are instrumental in the management and ultimately success of client’s legal needs.

Unlike many other legal industry organizations, all USLAW NETWORK corporate partners receive industry exclusivity as well as an official designation within USLAW.  This provides our partners the comfort and knowledge that due to their investment in USLAW, they will not be “sharing the stage” with their competition. Competitors will not be allowed to attend any USLAW hosted function or event. The corporate partner that represents each industry segment is provided an official designation within USLAW for promotional purposes (i.e. the official “industry segment” partner of USLAW NETWORK”). Corporate partners play an active role at every USLAW meeting and event and have a high level of visibility within the organization.

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