Team USLAW provides clients and their panel USLAW counsel with a collaborative online portal that helps manage client-specific legal needs. Each microsite will only be accessible by the client’s designated internal contacts and USLAW member attorneys, their paralegals/admins/marketing directors as stipulated and agreed upon by the client. A few highlights include:

  • Custom directory of USLAW attorneys who do work with the client.
  • Relevant client documents that are beneficial to share with panel counsel.
  • Customized discussion group for the client and their panel counsel.
  • USLAW resources, articles, videos, webinars are tagged to a specific client based on their areas of interest and only those will populate into a specific resources area on the microsite.
  • Case summaries.
  • Legal alerts for their jurisdictions, etc.

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Contact USLAW CEO Roger M. Yaffe to learn more about Team USLAW and to see if Team USLAW is right for you and your legal teams.

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