USLAW for Law Firms

USLAW was founded in 2001 and has focused on delivering exceptional client service, trusted relationships and friendships among members and their clients, and valued partnerships for business development opportunities. USLAW provides a collegial and collaborative forum where member firms can leverage one another’s experience, relationships and reach in a trusted environment to develop significant professional and business value. USLAW is a trusted network of peer law firm partners across the country and worldwide willing to treat each member as their “partner.” Members share top management techniques for firm and practice/industry group leaders. The NETWORK provides a reliable source of advice, information, referrals to experts, and select vendors who are exclusive USLAW corporate partners.

  • Countless business development opportunities.
  • Great friendships.
  • Valued business relationships.
  • Opportunities to raise visibility and take on leadership roles.
  • Fully vetted and trusted referral network.
  • A global network that provides each firm broad breach to support clients’ legal needs.

Want to learn more?

Are you interested in learning more? Contact USLAW CEO Roger M. Yaffe for additional information.

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