Our History

Mega-firms…big, impersonal bastions of legal tradition, encumbered by bureaucracy and often slow to react. The need for an alternative was obvious. A vision of a network of smaller, regionally based, independent firms with the capability to respond quickly, efficiently and economically to client needs from Atlantic City to Pacific Grove was born. In its infancy, it was little more than a possibility, discussed around a small table and dreamed about by a handful of visionaries. But the idea proved too good to leave on the drawing board.

In 2000, several legal colleagues and managing partners of growing firms were looking for a way to elevate their service to existing clients and open the doors to new ones. They had seen in their practice that many of the clients served in their unique geographic locations had needs elsewhere – and they knew they could promise and deliver greater value to these clients by helping the clients tap into top-notch counsel in unfamiliar jurisdictions. After a series of organizational meetings, six charter laws firms filed USLAW’s Articles of Incorporation in March 2001, and the NETWORK was officially founded. The first USLAW member meeting was held in Naples, Florida, in November of that year.

Today the organization is comprised of more than 100 law firms worldwide consisting of more than 6,000 lawyers providing the full scope of legal services. USLAW is in the top 15 in overall size of international legal networks with locations in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

USLAW is a dynamic affiliation of like-minded law firms and lawyers – entities and individuals who are actively building firms and practices by offering commercial clients access to top trial and transactional counsel in their own local jurisdictions and around the globe. The organization’s strength comes from lawyers and their clients who know and trust each other through well-established relationships and friendships.

The commitment remains the same as originally envisioned: to provide the highest quality legal representation and seamless cross-jurisdictional service to major corporations, insurance carriers, and to both large and small businesses alike, through a network of professional, innovative law firms dedicated to their client’s legal success. Now as a network with more than 6,000 attorneys, USLAW remains a responsive, agile legal alternative to the mega-firms.

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