Global Supply Chains: Were Businesses Asleep at The Wheel at the Beginning of the Pandemic and How to Avoid Similar Issues Next Time



Tamara B. Goorevitz, Franklin & Prokopik, P.C. (Baltimore, MD); J. Michael Kunsch, Sweeney & Sheehan, P.C. (Philadelphia, PA); Jennifer D. Tricker, Baird Holm LLP (Omaha, NE)

About this Program

COVID-19 disrupted global supply chains that businesses spent decades fine tuning for efficiency. Companies couldn’t obtain raw materials and components. Combined with lean manufacturing, output was stalled. Manufactured goods encountered logistics problems on their way to market. From toilet paper to cleaning products to appliances and automobiles, shortages ensued and continue. This session will identify and discuss causes of the supply chain disruption, how businesses adapted in the short term, and the long-term implications and lessons learned to minimize similar problems in the future.

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