Rivkin Radler’s Rust, Cannata and Misiti secure permanent injunction against international counterfeiter


With the help of the client’s industry contacts, the Rivkin Radler team, consisting of Jeffrey Rust, Michael Cannata and Frank Misiti, was able to track down the New York headquarters of an international counterfeiting operation whose reach extended all the way to the shores of Dubai. Specifically, the Rivkin Radler team was able to identify not only the shell corporations behind the illicit scheme, but also the individual responsible for spearheading its operation which sought to knock-off the firm’s client’s best-selling product in the U.A.E. With their targets in site, the team immediately filed suit under the Lanham Act, quickly resulting in both a significant monetary payment to their client and the entry of a permanent injunction against all defendants. For more info, click here.

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