SmithAmundsen in Illinois has launched two programs as part of its ongoing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives


The firm is creating a pipeline management strategy that focuses on support, advocacy, mentoring and visibility for diverse members of the firm to thrive and ascend to partnership and leadership. This strategy will complement the mentoring program already launched in early 2022 with the assistance of an outside consultant. The mentoring program, led by a task force, hits the ground running with mentor training. The task force will be filled with a number of associates who will assist and provide feedback and institution of the program. The firm also honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy through a special firm initiative supporting educational opportunities for African American students in the firm’s communities to promote diverse, inclusive and equitable workplaces.

The firm has pledged to donate a percentage of the billable value for the hours billed on Dr. Martin Luther King Day 2022, to educational programs supporting college-bound African American high school students in the communities where the firm’s offices are located.

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