USLAW delivers legal programming made to order for clients


New LawMobile menu of programming released

USLAW NETWORK, Inc. and its member firms deliver comprehensive legal programming right to their clients’ doorsteps through LawMobile, USLAW’s free and customizable, one-stop legal presentation program. With LawMobile, it’s never Layout 1been easier to stay abreast of today’s hottest legal issues. And, to help clients expedite programming opportunities, USLAW recently launched a broad menu of legal programming topics covering a variety of legal issues; the menu was designed to serve as a springboard of ideas for consideration. Customization is key to LawMobile. USLAW tailors each program to client’s precise needs. For LawMobile’s new legal programming ideas, click MENU. For a PDF version of the LawMobile menu, click BROCHURE.

“LawMobile is the perfect programming for any company that is seeking legal education and insight on particular jurisdictions around the country or have questions about the changing legal landscape in any number of industries,” said Thomas L. Oliver, II, Chair of USLAW NETWORK, and a founding shareholder in USLAW member firm, Carr Allison in Birmingham, Alabama. “This is a standout program since it is customized to the specific needs of our clients. LawMobile programming – delivered at no cost to the client at their office or client-designated location – is presented by a hand-picked team of USLAW attorneys who answer the direct questions of the clients for markets and practice areas in which the business operates. And with a new menu of programming options, we are excited to deliver customized content to our clients across the NETWORK.”

How LawMobile works

    • USLAW comes to you. We bring a select team of USLAW member attorneys to talk about the issues you tell us you want and need to learn about.


    • We focus on specific markets where you do business and utilize a team of attorneys to share relevant jurisdictional knowledge important to your business’ success.


    • USLAW structures the opportunity to meet your requirements – all at no cost to your company.


Benefits of LawMobile

    • LawMobile gives you the opportunity to meet and build relationships with attorneys from jurisdictions across the NETWORK.


    • Since multiple attorneys deliver content at each LawMobile event, you would get the opportunity to receive a blend of insight that covers multiple practice areas and jurisdictions that are important to your business. And, you can do this all from within the comfort of your office.


    • This programming is delivered to you at no cost to you or your company.



    • Topics are customized to the client’s needs. Here is a brief sample of topics that can be presented. Click MENU for programming ideas.


How to sign up for LawMobile

    • Contact USLAW today to put LawMobile on your calendar.


    • For more information about LawMobile or to learn how your company can participate, contact Roger M. Yaffe, CEO of USLAW NETWORK, at 800-231-9110. When it comes to customized legal education, think LawMobile powered by USLAW NETWORK.



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