BM&S Partner Nicholas Paslow secures successful arbitration Victory in Defense of Property Owner and Contractor

POSTED MAY 31, 2024

Black Marjieh & Sanford LLP (Westechester, NY)

Black Marjieh & Sanford LLP Partner Nicholas Paslow received a successful arbitration defense victory for the firm’s clients, a property owner and contractor. The case involved the firm’s clients’ construction project, which was located adjacent to the plaintiff’s building. Plaintiff claimed structural damage to its property as a result of excavation at the neighboring project. Prior to the arbitration, plaintiff received approximately $2 million in prior payments from its first-party insurance carrier and settling parties not represented by our firm. At the arbitration, plaintiff claimed damages exceeding $22 million, inclusive of property damage, lost rent and statutory interest. The arbitration panel determined the plaintiff’s damages were less than its prior recovery and awarded the plaintiff a total award of $0 after a set-off for insurance proceeds and settlement payments.

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