The attorneys in the USLAW NETWORK eDiscovery Practice Area are among the leaders in this ever more important and fast-growing area within the legal arena. Our group of attorneys offers global knowledge of policies, procedures and regulations to guide clients through the discovery process. Our member attorneys stay current on trends and laws in order to deliver relevant information to clients who use the NETWORK.

Why Choose USLAW eDiscovery Services Law Firms?

With the prolific use of electronic data, social media and online computing, combined with regular communications and general business documentation, discovery continues to be one of the more important practices areas within a law firm.  In an age when individuals and businesses are trying to be more eco-friendly and print less paper, more and more information is stored electronically. Our USLAW NETWORK eDiscovery attorneys provide counseling and litigation services relating to the cost-effective preservation, collection, processing, review, and production of all types of electronically stored information.  We know the rules that apply to the exchange of electronically stored information (ESI), which is critical to the success of litigation, especially since the electronic discovery amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and various state regulations as well.  We also have a keen focus on how to navigate the corporate IT structure regarding backup protocols and database storage. USLAW eDiscovery attorneys provide you with relevant expertise to help determine materials to be identified, preserved, collected, catalogued, analyzed, produced as required by litigation and ultimately selected for use in your defense at depositions and trial.

Areas of Practice

  • Backup tape analysis
  • Coordinating eDiscovery with IT personnel, in-house counsel, e-discovery vendors and outside co-counsel
  • Data mapping
  • Developing attorney-client privilege protection plans
  • Developing meet-and-confer strategies and procedures
  • “Duty to disclose” and scope of discovery counseling
  • ESI
    • Admissibility
    • Preservation, collection, analysis and production
    • Privilege review, including detailed privilege logs
    • Issue coding and relevancy review
    • Repositories in support of pattern litigation
  • Forensic analysis
  • Identification of 30(b)(6) IT witnesses; Taking and defending 30(b)(6) depositions
  • Litigation support, including:
    • Issue coding
    • Deposition and trial preparation
    • Medical literature repositories
    • Medical literature reviews
    • Trial support
    • Trial presentations
    • Appeal brief support
  • Meet-and-confer negotiations
  • Negotiating preservation agreements and orders
  • Pre-litigation planning
  • Rule 16 orders


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