MDD Forensic Accountants

MDD Forensic Accountants is a leading forensic accounting firm that specializes in providing economic damage quantification assessments for our clients. Our professionals regularly deliver expert,  consulting and fact witness testimony in courts, arbitrations and mediations around the world.

  • David Elmore, CPA, CVA, MAFF
    Senior Partner
    11600 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 450
    Reston, VA 20191
    Phone: 703.796.2200
    Fax: 703.796.0729
  • Kevin Flaherty, CPA, CVA
    10 High Street, Suite 1000
    Boston, MA 02110
    Phone: 617.426.1551
    Fax: 617.830.9197


We have been honored to provide our expertise on cases of every size and scope, and we would be pleased to discuss our involvement on these files while still maintaining our commitment to client confidentiality. Briefly, some of these engagements have involved: lost profit calculations; business disputes or valuations; commercial lending; fraud; product liability and construction damages. However, we have also worked across many other practice areas and, as a result, in virtually every industry.

Founded in Chicago in 1933, MDD is now a global entity with more than 40 offices worldwide.

In the United States, MDD’s partners and senior staff are Certified Public Accountants; many are also Certified Valuation Analysts and Certified Fraud Examiners. Our international partners and professionals possess the appropriate designations and are similarly qualified for their respective countries. In addition to these designations, our forensic accountants speak more than 30 languages.

Regardless of where our work may take us around the world, our exceptional dedication, singularly qualified experts and demonstrated results will always be the hallmark of our firm.

To learn more about MDD and the services we provide, we invite you to visit us at

Tune In

In this USLAW NETWORK Corporate Partner Perspective, David Elmore, senior partner at MDD Forensic Accountants, talks about economic damages quantification in a post-COVID-19 environment. Michael Kunsch of Sweeney & Sheehan, P.C. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, hosts. This conversation was recorded in 2020 and takes a look at 2021 and beyond.


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