Batya F. Forsyth

Headshot of Batya F. Forsyth
Firm: Hanson Bridgett LLP
425 Market Street
26th Floor
San Francisco CA 94105
United States

Batya's banking and business litigation practice includes bank customer disputes related to secured and unsecured loan products, deposit accounts and collections and business disputes on behalf of owners, licensors, and service providers related to breach of contract, fiduciary duty and fraud. Her business-owner matters have also included minority shareholder dissolution actions, dissenter's rights actions, breach of fiduciary duty and fraud from the initial stages of litigation through fair value appraisals and buy-outs in real estate, manufacturing and transportation. Batya's real estate litigation experience includes commercial leases, eminent domain proceedings and purchase and sale transactions.

USLAW Practice Group Affiliations

  • Banking and Financial Services: Primary
  • Business Litigation and Class Actions: Primary
  • Data Privacy and Security: Primary
  • Data Privacy and Security: Secretary

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