Demetrios A. Demetriades

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Firm: Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC
Three Thasos Street
Nicosia 1087

Demetrios A. Demetriades was born in Kato Zodia, Nicosia, Cyprus and he is a Cypriot citizen. He is a lawyer and businessman in Cyprus having established business relationships with international law firms and tax advisory companies in Central East Europe.

Mr. Demetriades is practicing in Nicosia since 1966 and is the founder of Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC which is exclusively working in cooperation with international law firms, accountancy, trusts, banks, multinationals and other investors having relations and contacts with all recognized offshore financial centers. Mr. Demetriades has proven experience in offering legal services and administration services for international business companies for years.

Mr. Demetriades provides legal and tax opinions to international investors, applies for tax rulings to the Cyprus Tax Authorities and is involved in promoting new tax planning ideas for those clients wishing to invest through Cyprus SPVs, Cyprus International Discretionary Trusts, the establishment of Funds, and for those wishing to benefit from the very favorable Treaty Network which Cyprus has concluded with other contracting states. He follows the application process for obtaining licenses from CySec for Funds, Cyprus Investment Firms, etc.

Over the 57 years of his legal practice, he has been traveling and exclusively promoting Cyprus as a reputable base for non-resident investors to set up their structures for investments in Cyprus and elsewhere in Europe, Ukraine, Poland, and the Russian Federation. In this respect, he has organized tax seminars in all these countries on a regular basis promoting Cyprus as a reputable business center in the Eastern European hub.

Mr. Demetriades has been visiting all these countries on a regular basis and has developed co-operations with reputable law firms, audit firms, and other individual investors.

He is a member of several international legal associations, and his services and expertise are known personally to most international law firms, utilizing Cyprus as a favorable tax jurisdiction.

Mr. Demetriades is eligible to appear before any court established in the Republic of Cyprus. He delivers speeches before seminars and law firms, to international business companies, and on Why Choosing Cyprus in Tax Planning. Mr. Demetriades travels to most Central and Eastern European Countries on an almost weekly basis.

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