Greg A. Garbacz

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Firm: Klinedinst PC
501 West Broadway
Suite 600
San Diego CA 92101
United States

Greg A. Garbacz has found success in employment, business/ class action, professional liability/ securities, and real estate/ housing discrimination litigation. An experienced litigator and trial attorney, Mr. Garbacz has handled complex litigation and trials in both state and federal courts, including in a broad range of topical areas, which consist of employment litigation, wage and hour class actions, real estate/housing discrimination, product liability, professional/director & officer liability, and fraud/business tort cases. Mr. Garbacz has significant experience in the courtroom, having successfully handled jury trials, court trials, contractual arbitration, and mediations to achieve success for his clients inside and outside the courtroom. Equally important, with over twenty years of experience in the courtroom and negotiating business deals, Mr. Garbacz knows how best to get clients to their desired goals quickly and as efficiently as possible, proactively identifying an adversary'
s weaknesses and designing a negotiation or litigation strategy to maximize the potential for success. In addition to being a skilled litigator, Mr. Garbacz also provides unique business solutions, strategic advice and counseling to businesses with regard to a broad range of legal and contractual issues, including executive/employment contracts, employment counseling, litigation avoidance techniques, contract/dispute negotiation, misappropriation claims, unfair business practices, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, and trade secrets disputes. Many of the clients that first met Mr. Garbacz through litigation have continued to rely upon him in their regular business dealings for strategic decision making to help them avoid litigation and offer legal guidance.

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