Harris D. Demetriades

Headshot of Harris D. Demetriades
Firm: Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC
Three Thasos Street
Nicosia 1087

Harris D. Demetriades has been with Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC for over 20 years, and at present, she is a director at Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC and head of the Corporate department.

Mrs. Demetriades organizes and reviews all the everyday work to be performed by the Legal and Corporate department and before any application or court proceedings are initiated before the court involving applications to the court for freezing of assets and bank accounts, applications for cross-border mergers, applications for the decrease of share capital, applications for reinstatement of companies and other formal applications which require approval of the Court before these changes are accepted by the Registrar of Cyprus Companies.

Mrs. Demetriades is also involved in legal due diligence, legal opinions, the drafting and negotiations of shareholder’s agreements, share purchase agreements, security documents, escrow agreements, trust deeds and other memorandum and Articles of Association matters, international negotiations and international M&A transactions, sale of assets, and real estate.

Mrs. Demetriades is the compliance officer of Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC, having obtained all relevant qualifications. She is eligible to appear before any court established in the Republic of Cyprus.

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