Jeffrey A. Stone

  • Undergrad School: Grinnell College, BA, with honors
  • Law School: The University of Iowa College of Law, JD, with high distinction
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Firm: Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman PLC
115 3rd Street SE
Suite 1200
Cedar Rapids IA 52401
United States

Jeff Stone is an experienced construction law attorney handling some of the largest and most complex cases in Iowa. Mr. Stone joined Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman PLC in 2007. His practice has focused on construction disputes. He has experience representing clients in federal court, state court, arbitrations and mediations. The specific matters that he typically handles generally fall into one or more of the following seven categories below.

Quality of the Work. Mr. Stone has handled many claims arising out of disputes about the quality of the work. He has represented all of the various project participants in disputes. The disputes arose out of various projects, such as:

Ethanol plants
Electrical utilities
Water treatment plants
Wastewater treatment plants
Interceptor sewers
Highways and streets
Parking garages
Residential construction
Price of the Work. Mr. Stone has experience in disputes involving claims seeking adjustments in the contract price. Mr. Stone has represented both contractors filing and owners defending claims for adjustments in the contract price based on constructive acceleration, failure of coordination on a multi-prime project, owner caused delays, damage to adjacent property, concealed conditions, extended general conditions, enforcement of liquidated damages and other circumstances.

Mechanic’s Liens/Payment Bond Claims. Mr. Stone has litigated many mechanic’s lien claims under Iowa Code chapter 572, mechanic’s liens and payment bond claims under Iowa Code chapter 573 and labor and materials on public improvements. Mr. Stone has represented owners, general contractors, subcontractors, sub-subcontractors and material suppliers on these claims.

Defense of Design Professionals. Mr. Stone often defends architects, engineers and surveyors against claims of professional negligence. Mr. Stone has handled more than fifty different professional negligence claims, including claims arising out of many different types of projects:

Highways and bridges
Parking garages
Building collapses
Chemical laboratories
Mechanical systems
Sanitary sewers
Storm sewers
Detention basins
Schools and gymnasiums
General Counseling. Mr. Stone acts as general counsel for many participants in construction projects, including owners, governmental entities, general contractors, construction managers, designers/builders, developers, architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, environmental engineers, surveyors, electrical engineers, roofing contractors, mechanical contractors, electrical contractors, heavy highway contractors, agricultural equipment contractors, excavation contractors, homebuilders and others. In his capacity as general counsel, he often provides advice to the project participants about the Iowa Construction Bidding Procedure Act. He also frequently advises clients regarding insurance coverage and indemnity.

Contract Drafting. Mr. Stone has drafted contract documents for many different types of construction projects. He has drafted everything from engineering-procurement-construction contracts for multimillion dollar industrial projects to purchase orders and standard terms and conditions for subcontractors.

Renewable Energy. Through his design and construction practice, Mr. Stone has had significant involvement with renewable energy projects. Mr. Stone has represented several general contractors in disputes arising out of photovoltaic solar projects. He has represented litigants in disputes arising out of the design and construction of ethanol plants, anaerobic digesters and landfill-gas-to-energy projects. He has also drafted contracts for renewable energy projects, including engineering-procurement-construction contracts, general construction contracts, design contracts and procurement contracts.

Mr. Stone also serves as the firm's recruiting attorney.

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