Michael D. Barnes

Headshot of Michael D. Barnes
Firm: Amundsen Davis LLC
150 North Michigan
Suite 3300
Chicago IL 60601
United States

Cases can be decided on the smallest of details. Mike Barnes prides himself on knowing the fine details of every case and how they fit in the big picture. Whether he is in a court hearing or on the phone with a client, Mike is always prepared to discuss the issues big or small. As a member of the firm's Transportation & Logistics Service Group, Mike represents clients from their initial claim investigation through a case's final resolution against allegations of negligence, statutory and regulatory violations, and related contractual and insurance issues. He has represented clients of all sizes from a wide variety of industries, including transportation companies, construction contractors, retailers and product manufacturers. Mike's first introduction to the legal profession came through the Youth & Government Judicial Program when he was in high school. He had the opportunity to participate in a moot court argument in the courtroom of the Illinois Supreme Court. Today Mike is a member of the Illinois YMCA Youth & Government Judicial Program. As a volunteer, he instructs students on trial practice, appeals, how to read cases and how to make an appellate argument.

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