Ryan P. Atkinson

  • Undergrad School: History - University of Utah
  • Law School: University of Utah
Headshot of Ryan P. Atkinson
Firm: Strong & Hanni, PC
102 South 200 East. Suite 800
Salt Lake City UT 84111
United States

When Ryan is asked if being an attorney is his dream job he candidly says, “No, not if the Vikings want me to play quarterback or if the Celtics want me to play point guard.” As of now, neither team has contacted him for his services, so there is nothing Ryan would rather do than practice law. He is passionate about his job and though he is fully qualified to handle all aspects of the litigation process, he thinks of himself as problem solver first and a litigator second. His desire to solve his clients’ problems goes hand in hand with Ryan’s favorite quote from the Greek philosopher Plato, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Ryan believes that attorneys too often get caught up in the minutia of litigation rather than focusing on the best way to resolve a client’s problems as quickly as possible. Though it is sometimes necessary for cases to proceed through trial, and even appeal, Ryan’s clients appreciate his efforts to work on an efficient and speedy resolution first. If cases cannot be resolved early, Ryan is totally confident in his ability to take cases through trial. The main reason Ryan went to law school is because he actually enjoys being on his feet in front of judges and juries, which he acknowledges is a bit strange. He has successfully handled numerous jury trials, bench trials, and arbitration proceedings. Ryan is also an accomplished legal writer having prevailed in many cases based on his ability to persuade Judges and others of his clients’ legal positions. Ryan specializes in litigation involving issues related to transportation, product liability, premises liability, property damage, workers compensation, and environmental law. Ryan believes it is extremely important to balance his personal life with his work life. He works hard and plays hard. He is married and has three children, and spends as much time with them as possible. They enjoy traveling to exotic places where they have fun adventures but also do community service. Life is too short not to experience other cultures and provide service to those in need. Ryan also enjoys fitness and the ability it gives him to set and achieve goals. For Ryan, physical exercise is critical to vigorous mental health and maintaining a sharp mind. If you do not need legal assistance, but for some reason you have read this entire biography, give Ryan a call. He would be happy to share his workout routine with you.

USLAW Practice Group Affiliations

  • Transportation and Logistics: Alternate 2
  • Workers’ Compensation: Primary

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