USLAW NETWORK announces 2021 roster of official corporate partners


CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., Jan. 12, 2021 – USLAW NETWORK, an international organization composed of more than 60 independent, full practice law firms, announces its official roster of corporate partners that includes S-E-A, Ametros, Arcadia, Litigation Insights, Marshall Investigative Group, and MDD Forensic Accountants. USLAW corporate partners are experts in technical forensic engineering, legal visualization services, future medical fund management, structured settlements, jury consulting and courtroom technology, investigative, and forensic accounting, respectively.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with this incredibly talented and industry-leading group of corporate partners,” said Roger M. Yaffe, USLAW CEO. “Relationships and experience are important to the success of USLAW, and our dedicated corporate partners are vital colleagues in our strong network that in 2021 is celebrating 20 years in business. Through collaboration, USLAW corporate partners are important resources and experts who assist our members and their clients when legal matters arise.”

The 2021 roster of corporate partners include:

S-E-A, a USLAW Premier Partner – Official Technical Forensic Engineering and Legal Visualization Services Partner
S-E-A is a multi-disciplined forensic engineering, fire investigation and visualization services company specializing in failure analysis. S-E-A’s full-time staff consists of licensed/registered professionals who are experts in their respective fields. S-E-A offers a complete investigative service, including marine, mechanical, biomechanical, electrical, civil and materials engineering, as well as fire investigation, industrial hygiene services, toxicology, visualization services, and a fully equipped chemical laboratory. These disciplines interact to provide a thorough and independent analysis that will support any subsequent litigation. Should animations, graphics or medical illustrations be needed, S-E-A’s imaging sciences team can work closely with field staff to clearly depict what really happened. Click here for S-E-A’s main contacts with USLAW:  Visit to learn more about S-E-A.

Ametros – Official Future Medical Fund Management Partner

Ametros is the largest and most trusted professional administration expert in the industry, working closely with everyone involved in the settlement process to drive resolution and provide support, security and potential savings for injured individuals once they settle their case. Ametros becomes the injured individual’s main resource to help guide them through their medical treatment and any necessary reporting after settlement. Ametros helps ease settlement fears and assists in settling difficult and complex claims, including workers’ compensation, liability, trusts, life care plans, Medicare Set Asides, and all other future medical allocations. Click here for Ametros’ main contacts with USLAW. Visit to learn more about Ametros.

Arcadia Settlements Group – Official Structured Settlement Partner

Arcadia Settlements Group helps resolve conflicts, reduce litigation expenses, and create long-term financial security for injured people through settlement consulting services. Arcadia consultants also assist in the establishment and funding of other settlement tools, including Special Needs Trusts and Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements, and are strategically partnered to provide innovative market-based, tax-efficient income solutions for injured plaintiffs. Arcadia is recognized as the first structured settlement firm with more than 45 years in business. Their consultants have helped settle over 344,000 claims involving structured settlement funding of over $43 billion. Click here for Arcadia’s main contacts with USLAW. Visit to learn more about Arcadia Settlements Group.

Litigation Insights – Official Jury Consultant and Courtroom Technology Partner

We look at a case from all the important angles, helping clients gain a nuanced understanding of potential liability and damages so they can make decisions based on real science and decades of jury experience. When a case is poised for trial, we develop themes and strategies that influence and persuade the triers of fact. In recent times, Litigation Insights is responding to our clients’ litigation needs remotely, by offering online mock trials and focus groups, as well as other remote tools for theme development, witness preparation, graphics, and presentation strategies that put you in the best position for trial or mediation. We recognize not every case needs a mock trial, so we also support your litigation efforts with smaller budget services such as theme development, witness preparation, voir dire assistance and jury selection. Our courtroom consultants, or “Hot Seat” operators, have no fewer than 12 years’ experience in the application of industry-leading presentation software and equipment, as well as advanced knowledge of courtroom protocol and procedure. Click here for Litigation Insights’ main contacts with USLAW. Visit to learn more about Litigation Insights.

Marshall Investigative Group – Official Investigative Partner

Marshall Investigative Group is a national investigative firm providing an array of services that help their clients mediate the validity of questionable claims. This includes liability, disability, workers’ compensation, and cargo claims. Marshall Investigative Group’s approach includes utilization of internal departments that specialize in each aspect of investigations. Marshall Investigative Group’s Internet Presence Department (IPD) handles social media investigations and verification of that information for trial. The Research Department compiles information and verifies its factual content, locates records as well as determining subjects and/or witnesses whereabouts. The SIU Department obtains statements, handles state reporting and compliance, conducts scene investigations, cargo theft, and process serving. The Surveillance Department utilizes a staff of nationwide field investigators to obtain video surveillance of malingering subjects to provide merit to the defense of a claim. Their specialists in investigations and surveillance have a variety of backgrounds in law enforcement, criminal justice, military, business, and the insurance industry. With over 35 years of experience, Marshall Investigative Group is a recognized leader in fraud investigations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Marshall Investigative Group is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with regional offices in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, New York, and Washington.  Click here for Marshall Investigative Group’s main contacts with USLAW. Visit to learn more about Marshall Investigative Group.

MDD Forensic Accountants – Official Forensic Accountant Partner

MDD Forensic Accountants is a leading forensic accounting firm that specializes in providing economic damage quantification assessments for its clients. MDD’s professionals regularly deliver expert, consulting and fact witness testimony in courts, arbitrations and mediations around the world. Some of these engagements have involved: lost profit calculations; business disputes or valuations; commercial lending; fraud; product liability and construction damages. However, MDD has also worked across many other practice areas and, as a result, in virtually every industry. Founded in Chicago in 1933, MDD is now a global entity with over 40 offices worldwide. Click here for MDD’s main contacts with USLAW. Visit for more information about MDD Forensic Accountants.

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