Ametros named official future medical fund management partner of USLAW NETWORK


Ametros, the largest professional administration expert in the industry, has been named USLAW NETWORK’s official future medical fund management partner. Ametros is based in Wilmington, Massachusetts, and has representatives across the country.

“We are excited to welcome Ametros to USLAW as an official corporate partner,” said Dan L. Longo, chair of USLAW and managing partner at Murchison & Cumming LLP in Los Angeles. “Ametros is a leader in the workers’ comp and liability arenas and their team of industry professionals will be an important resource for USLAW members and their clients when complex medical claims arise and they need to determine how to manage future major medical needs.”

Ametros was founded in 2010 with the vision of making healthcare easy for injured individuals and anyone who is paying for their medical needs out-of-pocket, including those with Medicare Set Asides.  Their mission is to help those individuals save money on their ongoing medical expenses, and to help them save time from dealing with the hassle of the complex healthcare system.

“Ametros is thrilled to become a corporate partner with USLAW, and for the opportunity to work with their members to provide enhanced resources for their clients,” said Mark Doherty, CMSP, Ametros’ executive vice president of sales. “As a trusted resource and partner, we are looking forward to sharing our expertise to help assist in settling complex claims and educate on the benefits of professional administration for all parties involved in the settlement process.”

About Ametros

Ametros is the largest and most trusted professional administration expert in the industry, working closely with everyone involved in the settlement process to drive resolution and provide support, security and potential savings for injured individuals once they settle their case. Ametros becomes the injured individual’s main resource to help guide them through their medical treatment and any necessary reporting after settlement. Ametros helps ease settlement fears and assists in settling difficult and complex claims, including workers’ compensation, liability, trusts, life care plans, Medicare Set Asides, and all other future medical allocations. For more information, visit

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