Chris Barkas & Kyle Weaver score five Daubert victories


Carr Allison trial success

Carr Allison attorneys Chris Barkas and Kyle Weaver scored a substantial victory in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Plaintiff’s treating physicians and retained experts intended to offer the expert opinion the accident caused the plaintiff’s injuries. Barkas and Weaver filed five Daubert motions to preclude the physicians from offering their opinions on causation focusing on each physician’s lack of knowledge about the plaintiffs’ medical history, the dynamics of the accident and the fact the physicians were simply guessing rather than offering reliable and admissible expert testimony. The Court agreed and entered an Order granting all five Daubert motions, which precluded any of the five physicians from offering causation opinions. Daubert motions are factually and legally intensive and require careful planning, set-up in depositions and skilled drafting, but the outcomes can dramatically alter the direction and value of cases. Please contact Chris ( or Kyle ( to discuss the motions or to obtain a copy of the Order.

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