COVID King: Investigating and Defending the Liability Mayhem and Madness (Part 1)


As government officials throughout the country debate re-opening businesses to the public, insurance and risk management professionals must prepare to face a variety of COVID-19 related liability claims. Given the rarity of global pandemics, companies and organizations of all types likely have not previously considered how accepted standards of care will be handled in emergency circumstances. Executive Orders and CDC guidelines may play a significant role in how negligence claims are investigated and defended. This two-part USLAW webinar will address both investigating and defending these unprecedented COVID-19 claims and share best practices on how to best address these unique challenges and mitigate exposure.

Topics covered will include:
• Gathering and preserving evidence
• Best practices for conducting premises and employee investigations
• Considerations and recommendations for securing medical evidence

– Sean Burnett, Snyder Burnett Egerer LLP, Santa Barbara, CA
– Dean Nickas, Wicker, Smith, O’Hara, McCoy & Ford, P.A., Miami, FL

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