Don’t Just Check the Box: Avoid DE&I Fatigue by Fully Incorporating Initiatives Into Company DNA



Noble F. Allen, Hinckley Allen (Hartford, CT); Neil V. Mody, Connell Foley LLP (Roseland, NJ)

About this program

Increasingly, corporate clients and their respective law firms are recognizing the need for meaningful DE&I initiatives, yet demonstrable results can often take years to materialize. In the meantime, organizations can struggle with DE&I fatigue, characterized by individuals becoming exhausted by discussions about diversity initiatives and disheartened as to whether progress is possible. While formal initiatives are important, organizations really need buy-in from top management and throughout to create a culture that encourages diverse members to join and then stay, and for their diverse viewpoints and experiences to be recognized and valued. This can be accomplished by setting small, achievable goals, by empowering individuals to effectuate change, and by creating pathways for advancement and leadership positions, among other straightforward approaches. Join us as we share experiences and discuss strategies to best provide a culture that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels.

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