Dysart Taylor’s John Wilcox named Pro Bono Champion


Dysart Taylor president John F. Wilcox, Jr. was recognized by the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association as a “Pro Bono Champion” in connection with his work through the Volunteer Attorney Project (VAP) of Legal Aid of Western Missouri. Wilcox’s dedication to helping his clients is always present, but for this case in particular, his knowledge and devotion was life changing to a client that was out of options. The client had used her entire savings to purchase a vehicle from a dealership and was assured that the vehicle was reliable and in great working condition. Soon after driving the car off the lot, the car began having mechanical issues and after several months of the dealership making promises to repair the car, it remained undrivable.

Wilcox, along with the other member of the pro bono team, Ashley West, were commended by the Honorable Judge Louis Angles for their use of the Missouri Merchandising Practices law and “going above and beyond the call of duty” as a lawyer.

Wilcox said of his achievements, “…I am very pleased that we were able to help… The owner of the dealership knew that the Missouri Lemon Law was inapplicable and was initially unwilling to negotiate. However, this changed when he realized that we were serious about pursuing litigation if he did not make things right.”

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