Emotional Intelligence: How It Impacts Communications, Risk Assessment, Teamwork, Innovation and Trust in the Legal Arena



Anne E. Baggott, Dysart Taylor Cotter McMonigle & Brumitt, P.C. (Kansas City, MO); Colleen E. Hastie, Traub Lieberman (Hawthorne, NY)

About this program

Lawyers with emotional intelligence skills produce a more functional and productive law practice. Emotionally intelligent lawyers are often better negotiators and litigators. Firms and legal departments enjoy more effective leadership and teamwork. Relationships with colleagues and clients improve and increased productivity and happy clients translate into higher profits. An emotionally intelligent firm or company can improve equity and attract – and importantly, retain – valued employees. But lawyers often fall short in critical emotional intelligence components necessary to personal and group success. Join us for a robust discussion about how emotional intelligence, or a lack thereof, affects your team or your own well-being. We will also discuss steps to achieve emotional intelligence in our workplaces.

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