In his own words: Trey” B.G. Sandoval III


In his own words…
“Trey” B.G. Sandoval III – Shareholder, MehaffyWeber

As national counsel for a Fortune 300 energy company, I have sent 30+ cases to USLAW NETWORK members, each with excellent results. Some are small matters that have been handled in short form, but some, like a recent case, are serious and produce significant work for our NETWORK members.

Three years ago, I hired Jeff Choi from Synder Burnett Egerer in Santa Barbara, California, to be local counsel on a commercial case that was ultimately set for trial in July 2023. It was to be a 7-10 day trial, and the plaintiff was asking for seven figures. Fortunately, we settled this case, and it is a quintessential example of the benefit of USLAW NETWORK. Jeff Choi and his team did a phenomenal job of collaborating with my team at MehaffyWeber. He ably handled motions and hearings, and he and I were able to split the trial assignments.

During this case’s tenure, several events required immediate attention and responses, and Jeff addressed them with sophistication. If I needed information, I had it and usually within an hour of my request. If I needed a call, he always made time. If I needed some type of work product for the client, he or his team prepared it, it was accurate, and I could rely on it. Jeff treated this case with as much attention as I did and often prioritized this case above some of his own to accommodate.

During the course of discovery, an important witness was identified who lived in Virginia. He was not under the control of the plaintiff, and obtaining his testimony required a subpoena. We reached out to Dewayne Lonas of Moran Reeves & Conn in Richmond, Virginia, to assist us with preparing the pertinent motions and perfecting service on the witness. The time to accomplish this was very small, but Dewayne prioritized this request and went the extra mile for us to make sure the subpoena was prepared and served as soon as possible.

Finally, Jeff and I, with my client, prepared our corporate representative in Chicago.

Lew Bricker of Amundsen Davis in Chicago accommodated our request to use a conference room for two days for this preparation, during which Lew’s team onsite made sure we had everything we needed.

There was no point during this case that our NETWORK members did not prioritize and treat this case like their own. As a result, we were able to get this case properly worked up and ready for trial. The settlement was also attributable to this hard work, and, more importantly, our client was very happy with these efforts as well as the ultimate result.

That is the essence of USLAW NETWORK.

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