Leveraging Investigations and Surveillance with Advanced Technology


Written by Douglas A Marshall of Marshall Investigative Group, Inc. for the 2015 Fall/Winter issue of USLAW Magazine.

Taking the knowledge of old investigative techniques and combining that with new technology is creating a better investigation. Technology has provided the investigative world with leverage in identifying fraud at various levels. Social media, privileged database searches and high-definition cameras have revolutionized the investigative industry and will continue to do so as technology continues to advance.

When I started in this industry in 1985, surveillance was done with a super 8 movie camera. On the horizon was the video camera and the VHS bag recorder. We had very little information to start a case as the Internet was still waiting for Al Gore to invent it and social media had not been considered as Mark Zuckerberg was age 1. An investigation started by talking to neighbors and going door to door with a frayed dog leash and picture of a cute dog and asking, “Have you seen my dog? My dog ran into your neighbor’s yard, do you possibly know when they will be home or do you have a work number where I could contact them?” This would then transition into a conversation about the subject in question….READ MORE.

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