New compendium focuses on subrogation rights for workers’ compensation liens


USLAW NETWORK releases a new state-by state compendium of law focused on subrogation rights for workers’ compensation liens. Fred L. Hubbs, a partner at Hall Booth Smith P.C. in Georgia, served as the editor. Click here to view.

This new subrogation rights for workers’ compensation liens compendium answers questions about an employer’s rights to recovery when an employee is injured by a third party during the course of employment.  The state-by-state resource, plus Washington, D.C., provides a quick reference for legal decision makers and employers who are navigating worker’s compensation matters related to third party incidents.

USLAW regularly produces new and updates existing Compendiums providing a multi-state resource that permits users to easily access state common and statutory law. Compendiums are easily sourced on a state-by-state basis and are developed by the member firms of USLAW. Current USLAW Compendiums include: Transportation, Construction Law, Nullum Tempus, Surveillance, Employee Rights on Initial Medical Treatment, Offer of Judgment, Retail, Spoliation of Evidence, Subrogation Rights for Workers’ Compensation Liens, Workers’ Compensation, and a National Compendium addressing issues that arise prior to the commencement of litigation through trial and on to appeal.

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