New joint and several liability compendium of law released


USLAW NETWORK (USLAW), an international network of law firms, releases its newest compendium of law that focuses on joint and several liability. This state-by-state guide serves as a reference tool for joint and several laws across the United States.  Lew R.C. Bricker of SmithAmundsen LLC in Illinois created and edited the compendium. 

About Joint and Several Liability
The allocation of fault in cases is not simply who did what. State law variations affect whether a plaintiff may recover, how much a plaintiff may recover, and how much a defendant may owe. This 50-state summary is a snapshot of the laws that affect how fault is allocated and joint and several liability. Many states have complex systems in place with laws and precedents that go beyond the referenced statutes. Contact your local USLAW member firm for more information and a deeper dive into each state’s respective rules. 

USLAW Compendiums
USLAW regularly produces new and updates existing Compendiums providing a multi-state resource that permits users to easily access state common and statutory law. Compendiums are easily sourced on a state-by-state basis and are developed by the member firms of USLAW. For a complete listing of current compendiums, click COMPENDIUMS.

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