Settlements with Medicare Set Asides: Where the Industry is Today and How are we Building a Better Process for Tomorrow


This program focuses on the obligations under the Medicare Act relating to whether, when, how and why to protect Medicare’s future interest in the context of a workers’ compensation and how liability cases continue to frustrate the industry. Tom Thornton and Porter Leslie discuss whether it is a result of an impasse to settlement negotiations to close medicals, the recommended cost of funding a MSA by a vendor or Medicare, or lost opportunities to mitigate same. This discussion cuts through the red tape and reviews the actual statutory and regulatory requirements for compliance under the Medicare Act as it relates to protecting Medicare’s future interest in the context of a settlement and why the costs continue to rise. You will also take away best practices to employ within a casualty program to improve claim closure rates, implement and utilize strategies to overcome medical closure biases through professional administrators, increase compliance, and create a national consistent program approach.

  • Thomas S. Thornton, III – Carr Allison | Birmingham, Alabama
  • Porter Leslie – President | Ametros Financial – CareGuard

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