USLAW NETWORK announces 2022 roster of official corporate partners


American Legal Records added in 2022

USLAW NETWORK, an international organization composed of nearly 100 independent, full practice law firms, announces its official roster of corporate partners that includes S-E-A, American Legal Records, Ametros, Arcadia Settlements Group, IMS Consulting, Marshall Investigative Group, and MDD Forensic Accountants.

“USLAW corporate partners are leaders within their respective fields,” said Roger M. Yaffe, USLAW CEO. “Through these important strategic partnerships, we deliver essential resources to our members and their clients to help them navigate legal matters in jurisdictions across the country and around the world.”

USLAW NETWORK welcomes American Legal Records as its newest corporate partner in 2022. USLAW’s longtime jury consultant and courtroom technology partner, Litigation Insights, joined with the experienced trial services firm IMS Consulting. While the name is changing, USLAW members and clients have the same trusted team supporting their jury consulting and courtroom technology needs. For additional details and contact information, visit IMS online.

USLAW corporate partners are experts in technical forensic engineering, legal visualization services, record retrieval, future medical fund management, structured settlements, jury consulting and courtroom technology, investigative, and forensic accounting, respectively. The 2022 USLAW NETWORK corporate partners roster includes:

S-E-A, a USLAW Premier Partner | Official Technical Forensic Engineering and Legal Visualization Services Partner

S-E-A is a multi-disciplined fo­rensic engineering, fire investigation and vi­sualization services company specializing in failure analysis. S-E-A’s full-time staff consists of licensed/registered professionals who are experts in their respective fields. S-E-A of­fers complete investigative services, includ­ing: mechanical, biomechanical, electrical, civil and materials engineering, as well as fire investigation, industrial hygiene, visualiza­tion services, and health sciences—along with a fully equipped chemical laboratory. These disciplines interact to provide thorough and independent analysis that will support any sub­sequent litigation. Should animations, graphics, or medical illustrations be needed, S-E-A’s Imaging Sciences/Animation Practice can prepare accurate demonstrative pieces for litigation support. Click here for S-E-A’s main contacts with USLAW:  Visit to learn more about S-E-A.

American Legal Records – Official Record Retrieval Partner
American Legal Records is the fastest-growing record retrieval company in the country. The pandemic has greatly impacted the record retrieval industry and made it increasingly difficult to obtain medical records in a timely fashion. We have streamlined this process to eliminate the monotonous, never-ending time your team/panel counsel is spending on ob­taining records. Our team has over 200 years of experience and can provide nationwide cov­erage for all your record retrieval needs. Our highly trained staff is experienced in all civil rules of procedures and familiar with all state-mandated statutes regarding copying fees. We are approved by more than 80% of the carriers and TPAs. Click here for main USLAW contacts for American Legal Records. Visit to learn more.

Ametros – Official Future Medical Fund Management Partner
Ametros is the largest and most trusted profes­sional administration expert in the industry, working closely with everyone involved in the settlement process to drive resolution and pro­vide support, security and potential savings for injured individuals once they settle their case. Ametros becomes the injured individual’s main resource to help guide them through their medical treatment and any necessary reporting after settlement. Ametros helps ease settlement fears and assists in settling difficult and com­plex claims, including workers’ compensation, liability, trusts, life care plans, Medicare Set Asides, and all other future medical allocations.. Click here for Ametros’ main contacts with USLAW. Visit to learn more about Ametros.

Arcadia Settlements Group – Official Structured Settlement Partner
Arcadia Settlements Group (Arcadia) and Structured Financial Associates (SFA) have merged to create the largest provider of structured settlement services, combining the strength of best-in-class consultants, innovative products and services, and deep industry exper­tise. Our consultants help resolve conflicts, re­duce litigation expenses, and create long-term financial security for injured people through our settlement consulting services. Arcadia Consultants also assist in the establishment and funding of other settlement tools, including Special Needs Trusts and Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements, and are strategically partnered to provide innovative market-based, tax-effi­cient income solutions for injured plaintiffs. Our consultants have used our skill and knowledge, innovative products and unparal­leled caring service to help settle more than 325,000 claims involving structured settlement funding of more than $40 billion and have posi­tively impacted hundreds of thousands of lives by providing security and closure. Click here for Arcadia’s main contacts with USLAW. Visit to learn more about Arcadia Settlements Group.

IMS Consulting – Official Jury Consultant and Courtroom Technology Partner
Your goal is to provide high-caliber advocacy for your client—IMS Consulting helps you achieve that goal by providing jury consulting and courtroom technology services. Everything we do at IMS is anchored in our commitment to help you gain the best position to win. Our 2021 union with Litigation Insights joined complementary strengths and common ideals to elevate your visual communications and jury research. For 30 years, the most influential attorneys and firms have relied on IMS for the most comprehensive trial services. Our unique per­spectives and proprietary methods have been developed over more than 20,000 cases and 2,000 completed trials. With strategic locations in major U.S. markets, the IMS team is primed to support your in-person and remote litiga­tion proceedings. Gain peace of mind with our experienced trial professionals. Click here for IMS’ main contacts with USLAW . Visit to learn more.

Marshall Investigative Group – Official Investigative Partner
Marshall Investigative Group is a national in­vestigative corporation providing an array of services that help our clients mediate the valid­ity of questionable cargo, disability, liability, and workers’ compensation claims. Our specialists in investigations and surveillance have a variety of backgrounds in law enforcement, criminal justice, military, business and the insurance in­dustry. One of our recent achievements is leading the industry in Internet Presence Investigations. With the increasing popularity of communicat­ing and publishing personal information on the internet, internet presence evidence opens doors in determining the merit of a claim. Without ap­proved methods for collection and authentica­tion, this information may be inadmissible and useless as evidence. Our team can preserve con­versations, photographs, video recordings, and blogs that include authenticating metadata and MD5 hash values. At Marshall Investigative Group, we value each and every customer and are confident that our extraordinary work will make a difference in your bottom line. Click here for Marshall Investigative Group’s main contacts with USLAW. Visit to learn more about Marshall Investigative Group

MDD Forensic Accountants – Official Forensic Accountant Partner
MDD Forensic Accountants is a leading forensic accounting firm that specializes in providing economic damage quantification assessments for its clients. MDD’s professionals regularly deliver expert, consulting and fact witness testimony in courts, arbitrations and mediations around the world. Some of these engagements have involved: lost profit calculations; business disputes or valuations; commercial lending; fraud; product liability and construction damages. However, MDD has also worked across many other practice areas and, as a result, in virtually every industry. Founded in Chicago in 1933, MDD is now a global entity with over 40 offices worldwide. Click here for MDD’s main contacts with USLAW. Visit for more information about MDD Forensic Accountants.

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