Vehicle System Forensics: Introducing Your New Star Witness


Written by Anthony D. Cornetto, III, P.E of S-E-A, Ltd. and Ben LeMere & Carly McGee of Berla Corporation for the 2015 Fall/Winter issue of USLAW Magazine.

With rapid technological advancement in the connected vehicle realm, it is incredibly likely that investigators are missing out on digital evidence that could potentially make or break their cases. Vehicles have gone from simply a mode of transportation to essentially a computer on wheels. Stored within a vehicle’s infotainment and telematics systems is a substantial amount of user data (generally from a paired smartphone), navigation data and recorded vehicle events. A newer vehicle can potentially reveal far more than a few seconds of crash data. Depending on the system, days, weeks, or even months of data could be sitting, waiting to tell the story of what really happened. Because the concept of vehicle system forensics is quite new, many are still unaware of the capabilities, and important data often never sees the light of day.

A vehicle has the potential to become a star witness – if one understands how to communicate with it….READ MORE.

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