Practice and Industry Solutions

USLAW NETWORK’s 20+ substantive practice groups bring together attorneys from approximately 100 law firms from around the world who successfully service thousands of local, regional, national and international clients. Through cooperation, resource sharing and expertise borrowing, these practice areas dramatically improve the quality of services USLAW members provide to their clients.

USLAW practice groups provide clients access to:

  • Lawyers in approximately 100 law firms who have expertise in specific practice areas.
  • Coordinated counsel who collaborate to stay ahead of changing laws and legal issues.
  • Lawyers working together to find new ways to deliver service to clients.
  • Ongoing substantive education and CLE opportunities at the practice group level.
  • Networking opportunities for clients who have similar substantive roles within their companies.

Practice groups meet often to develop tools, resources and products for client contacts, including:

  • Educational conferences and programs.
  • Timely publications, webinars and compendiums.
  • Rapid response resources.
  • Roundtables, virtual programming and roadshows focused on the unique needs of each client.
  • Client networking opportunities.

Additionally, USLAW practice groups offer member attorneys an opportunity to develop close relationships with fellow members and identify new ways to strengthen the relationship between in-house and outside counsel. Their involvement in these groups enables them to stay on the leading edge of their profession.

The depth of practice with USLAW member firms does not stop with these with specific groups. The full-service nature and cooperative spirit among USLAW firms provides clients access to the full gamut of legal needs regardless of geography. If your company has a need outside the scope of these designated areas, please contact Roger M. Yaffe, CEO, at

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