USLAW Membership Directory

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The USLAW NETWORK’s Member Directory lists members geographically so legal decision-makers can easily access or research member firms in virtually every venue throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. Each firm’s listing includes primary contact partners as well as practice area-specific attorney contacts. Member firm profiles also include a firm overview that will provide readers with a snapshot of the firm’s practice.

Also in the Member Directory:

  • USLAW corporate partners provide litigation and legal support to members and clients, alike, and the Directory provides an overview of expert services they provide as well as key contacts to expedite activation on any legal matter or case.
  • USLAW NETWORK offers legal decision-makers a variety of complimentary products and services to assist them with their day-to-day operation and management of legal issues. USLAW’s Sourcebook is a ready reference of these many services provided by the NETWORK to inform, connect, educate, network, service and more.
  • USLAW Board of Directors list.
  • USLAW 101, including its history, home-field advantage, and how membership is determined.

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