Available now: 2024 USLAW NETWORK State Judicial Profiles by County


USLAW NETWORK has released the 2024 edition of its state judicial profiles by county, a 50-state report that offers a judicial profile of each county in the U.S. and identifies counties as conservative, moderate or liberal. The profiles also include key recent court decisions that have changed the legal landscape for the state. This level of jurisdictional awareness of the court and juries on a county-by-county basis assists attorneys and their clients in successfully operating legal challenges throughout the United States.

The state county-by-county comparisons are in-state comparisons and not comparisons between states. There are a multitude of factors that go into such subjective observations that can only be developed over years of experience and participation. The information included in this complimentary resource may help spark discussions with a local USLAW member firm on how you can succeed in any jurisdiction. For more information or to connect with a USLAW member firm, visit uslaw.org and select search attorneys or search law firms in the header.

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