Just as legal issues seldom follow state borders, they often extend beyond U.S. boundaries as well. In 2007, USLAW established a relationship with the Trans-European Law Firms Alliance (TELFA), a network of over 30 independent law firms representing more than 1000 lawyers throughout Europe. Additionally, USLAW member firms are located throughout Canada, Latin America, and Asia.


USLAW regularly produces new and updates existing compendia providing multi-state resources that permit users to easily access state common and statutory law. Compendia are easily sourced on a state-by-state basis and are developed by the member firms of USLAW.


The reality of our success is simple: we succeed because our firms’ clients succeed. Our member firms provide high-quality legal results through the efficient use of legal budgets. We provide cross-jurisdictional services eliminating the time and expense of securing adequate representation in different regions. We provide trusted and experienced specialists quickly. When a difficult legal matter emerges – whether it’s in a single jurisdiction, nationwide or internationally – USLAW is there. Success.


Jurisdictional awareness of the court and juries on a county-by-county basis is a key ingredient to successfully navigating legal challenges throughout the United States. To best serve our members’ clients, USLAW NETWORK offers a biennial judicial profile that identifies counties as conservative, moderate or liberal and thus provides you an important home-field advantage.


The USLAW NETWORK Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including funding scholarships to provide financial assistance to diverse law students pursuing a legal education at an ABA-accredited U.S. law school.


Mega-firms…big, impersonal bastions of legal tradition, encumbered by bureaucracy and often slow to react. The need for an alternative was obvious. A vision of a network of smaller, regionally based, independent firms with the capability to respond quickly, efficiently and economically to client needs from Atlantic City to Pacific Grove was born. In its infancy, it was little more than a possibility, discussed around a small table and dreamed about by a handful of visionaries. But the idea proved too good to leave on the drawing board. Instead, with the support of some of the country’s brightest legal minds, USLAW became a reality.


Jurisdictional awareness is a key ingredient to successfully operating throughout the United States and abroad. USLAW members know the local rules, the judges and the local business and legal environment, and with this knowledge, our member firms deliver a home-field advantage for their clients.


Locate USLAW attorneys quickly when timeliness is critical for you and your company. This resource provides clients with direct access to attorney contact details along with the assurance that USLAW will be available 24/7 with the right person and the right expertise.

A Legal Network for Purchasers of Legal Services

USLAW firms go way beyond providing quality legal services to their clients. Unlike other legal networks, USLAW is organized around client expectations, not around the member law firms. To ensure our goals are the same as the clients our member firms serve, our Client Leadership Council and Practice Group Client Advisors are directly involved in the development of our programs, services and initiatives. This communication pipeline is vital to our success and allows us to better monitor and meet client needs and expectations.

A Bright Spot in your Search for National Counsel

USLAW NETWORK is a legal network for purchasers of legal services. We provide legal decision-makers with comprehensive resources, forward-thinking education programs, and referral and networking opportunities to assist them with their day-to-day management of legal issues.


The depth of practice with USLAW member firms does not stop with dozens of substantive practice groups. The full-service nature and cooperative spirit among USLAW firms provides clients access to the full gamut of legal needs regardless of geography. USLAW’s substantive practice areas bring together attorneys from approximately 100 law firms from around the world who successfully service thousands of local, regional, national and international clients.


Check out our library of virtual programs, magazines, legal alerts, and our exclusive short take video series. USLAW delivers legal learning on your own schedule.


USLAW NETWORK and S-E-A, USLAW’s longtime premier corporate partner, jointly created an ongoing health and wellness initiative focusing on mental health and physical well-being. The joint Live Better initiative focuses on mind, heart and health and promotes a culture of health and well-being for anyone who has returned to the office, is working from home or managing a hybrid work schedule.

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Recent verdicts from our USLAW membership.

Josh Evett of Duke Evett PLLC successfully defended a medical device manufacturer before the Idaho Supreme Court on appeal. This result ends the lawsuit successfully in favor of Duke Evett’s client.  The case involved allegedly defective electrical stimulation pads that burned the plaintiff during physical therapy. Because the plaintiff could not exclude reasonable secondary causes of the plaintiff’s burn, she could not establish a claim. Continue Reading

MehaffyWeber lawyers Michele Smith, Trey Sandoval, Diana Shelby and Elizabeth Perez secured a summary judgment exonerating the structural engineering firm of record in a large, multiparty construction defect case involving multiple condominiums in a private retirement community. Other defendants filed motions, but MehaffyWeber was the only defendant to succeed in obtaining this outcome. Continue Reading

On July 15, 2022, Sweeney & Sheehan Partner Michael Kunsch won a unanimous defense verdict in a product liability case following a 4-day jury trial in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The plaintiff sustained injuries after falling from a steel rolling tower scaffold in the course of his employment as a union carpenter. In a significant pretrial ruling, District Judge Mark Kearney predicted that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court will overrule its longstanding categorical preclusion of… Continue Reading

E. Holland “Holly” Howanitz and Catherine Crawley received a complete defense verdict on a premises liability case in Alachua County in May 2021. The Plaintiff had a life care plan of $1.6 million and claimed permanent injuries from neck and shoulder surgery. She also claimed permanent disability and lost wages of over $350,000. Continue Reading

A unanimous three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit affirmed the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland’s grant of summary judgment to Six Flags. Six Flags had been sued by a guest of its Maryland waterpark who alleged negligence in the operation of a waterslide. The guest also sued the ride manufacturer for negligence and product liability. Working together, counsel for Six Flags and counsel for the co-defendant… Continue Reading

Wicker Smith (Jacksonville FL) Wicker Smith partner Rick Ramsey and associate Nataša Glišić received a summary judgment in a recent case in northern Florida. Plaintiff, an engineering company, asserted claims for breach of fiduciary duty and negligent procurement of insurance against Defendant insurance agency after its defense and indemnity claim, stemming from a vessel collision, was denied. Plaintiff alleged it relied on Defendant’s representations that the offered CGL insurance coverage was sufficient to meet all… Continue Reading

Sweeny, Wingate & Barrow attorneys Mark S. Barrow and Brandon R. Gottschall, who were retained after default had been entered against a trucking company and driver in a bodily injury action, obtained an order granting relief from default. The matter involved a low-speed accident and a plaintiff who, after the entry of default, sought more than 20 times the medical costs. The court granted the motion for relief from default over opposition from the plaintiff.… Continue Reading

Plaintiff filed suit against Traub Lieberman’s law firm client (Defendant) for allegedly disclosing confidential personal information about Plaintiff during discovery exchanges in an underlying lawsuit. The Defendant had represented Plaintiff’s adversary in that action, and the disclosure allegedly occurred in court filings during the suit. When the filings came to light, the records were sealed. Plaintiff sought no sanction or other relief against its adversary or Defendant in the underlying suit. Plaintiff instead filed a… Continue Reading

After a three-day in-person jury trial, Amy R. Humphreys and Jason Proctor of Flaherty Sensabaugh Bonasso PLLC obtained a defense verdict on behalf of a hospital in the Circuit Court of Cabell County, West Virginia. Plaintiff alleged that the firm's client failed to properly maintain their premises which caused plaintiff to fall and suffer personal injuries. On August 26, 2021, the jury returned a verdict finding no negligence, exonerating the hospital. Continue Reading

Carr Allison attorney Kayla Scarpone of our Tallahassee (FL) office recently obtained summary judgment in favor of a not-for-profit corporate client in federal court. Plaintiff asserted age discrimination and retaliation claims under both the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Florida Civil Rights Act based on her termination during a reduction in force, which was necessitated by an extensive budget cut. Judgment in favor of Defendant on all claims was entered. Continue Reading

Barclay Damon’s Michael Murphy and Brienna Christiano were successful at trial on behalf of client Firefighters Association of the State of New York (FASNY) and Steven Klein. The plaintiff alleged FASNY, his former employer, and its then president terminated him in retaliation for reporting alleged violations of FASNY policies. The jury unanimously concluded the defendants did not retaliate against the plaintiff. Continue Reading

Carr Allison Shareholders Charlie Ireland and Ginny Gambacurta in Birmingham, Alabama, have secured a defense verdict in a premise liability claim in Federal Court after a four-day trial with seven figures in claimed damages for AMC Theaters. Click here for more information. Continue Reading

In May 2022, Jones, Skelton & Hochuli partners Russ Skelton and Anne Holmgren obtained a defense verdict in Keller v. Brownsberger, et al. – a wrongful death lawsuit. The decedent was a chronic pain patient who was referred by his primary care physician to the defendant pain management facility where he established care with the defendant doctor. Decedent had been treating with the doctor for more than a year and a half when he was… Continue Reading

In a case brought against multiple healthcare facilities before the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of Westchester, Traub Lieberman Partner Colleen E. Hastie and Associate Peter Iannace won a motion for summary judgment in favor of a skilled nursing facility (the “SNF”). This medical malpractice/negligence case was brought against multiple health care facilities and organizations by decedent’s estate, who alleges decedent’s death was the result of the actions or inactions of… Continue Reading

USLAW Attorneys for Defendants: James R. Moore, Jr., and C. Landon Kidd; Copeland, Cook, Taylor & Bush, P.A.; Ridgeland, MS Date of Verdict: 5-20-22 Summary: This case arose from a fatal crash near Jackson, Mississippi. Carolyn Crechale, age 81, was driving a Cadillac sedan when she changed lanes on the interstate and collided with another vehicle. This initial accident was a “fender bender.” Crechale remained stopped in the interstate while the other vehicle moved to… Continue Reading

Jones, Skelton & Hochuli attorneys Donald Myles, Lori Voepel, and Ashley Villaverde Halvorson have prevailed in three appeals on behalf of their client, Farmers Insurance Company of Arizona, affirming their 2012 defense verdict in a bad faith case. (Barbara Sloan v. Farmers Insurance Company of Arizona, Farmers Insurance Exchange, and Farmers Group, Inc., Arizona Court of Appeals | July 13, 2021) This case arose in 2009 when plaintiff's house burned in a fire, and she… Continue Reading

Franklin & Prokopik, P.C. in Maryland secures complete reversal of $400,000 jury verdict in a premises liability case, On February 25, 2021, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals reversed a $400,000 jury verdict entered against one of Franklin & Prokopik’s retail clients in 2019. The case involved a customer who sued a grocery store, alleging that she was struck while shopping by a stocking cart being pushed by a vendor who was at the store… Continue Reading

Hanson Bridgett LLP earned a great result for their client, Vista Distribution, Inc. a cannabis distribution company. Partner Andrew Stroud and Associate David Casarrubias achieved a significant victory after a four-day trial in Ukiah, California. The jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of the firm’s client in a breach of contract action filed against them. After just one hour of deliberations, the jury found that Vista Distribution had not entered into the alleged contract… Continue Reading

Traub Lieberman attorneys Lisa M. Rolle and Erin O’Dea obtained a motion to dismiss in favor of a wall systems installation company (“Installer”) in a second third-party complaint brought before the Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York County. In the underlying suit, the plaintiff alleged she was injured by a falling object on the subject premises and brought a suit against the construction company affiliated with the site. The construction company… Continue Reading

Casey Murphy, Greg Mann, and Brian Feld of Rivkin Radler LLP in Uniondale, New York, obtained a summary judgment award in the Southern District of New York of over half a million dollars for the firm’s client. The case was brought on behalf of a high-end jeweler against the professional boxer, Gervonta Davis, for failure to pay for three pieces of merchandise. In December 2019, Rivkin Radler’s client delivered a diamond-encrusted charm with Davis’ nickname, “Tank,”… Continue Reading

Hanson Bridgett attorneys secured a pro bono victory for a client seeking a permanent domestic violence restraining order against her former spouse and assisted the client in modifying custody and visitation orders to protect her children. Continue Reading

Shaun Decoudres and Grant Smith of Carr Allison’s Birmingham, Alabama, office earned a summary judgment in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama. They represented a landlord/management company that had been sued by a tenant for breach of contract, fraudulent misrepresentation/ suppression, conversion and violation of the Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. Summary judgment was granted for the landlord/management company on all counts, and the case was dismissed. Click… Continue Reading

Civil litigation defense firm, Wicker Smith O’Hara McCoy & Ford P.A., congratulates Fort Lauderdale partners Jason A. Glusman and Carlos “Charlie” Garcia on a directed verdict six days into a jury trial in a heavily contested employment discrimination/ civil conspiracy/tortious interference case. This case had been ongoing for 11 years and was picked up by Wicker Smith’s Fort Lauderdale office five years ago to try this jury case on behalf of three managers of a… Continue Reading

Wicker Smith attorneys obtained a big win in U.S. District Court Southern District of Florida. Partner Jaime Baca and Associate Marlene Brito tried the first case for a new client. After a fall, Plaintiff was transported from the store via fire rescue and subsequently underwent injections, facet blocks and low back Rhizotomy, as well as received a recommendation for lower back and cervical surgery. Plaintiff’s counsel asked the jury for $400,000 in damages, but the… Continue Reading

Jake Pipinich of Pierce Couch Hendrickson Baysinger & Green, LLP prevailed in a declaratory judgment action in Ottawa County before Judge Denney on June 27, 2022, wherein plaintiffs’ counsel was seeking to hold 85A O.S. Section 43 unconstitutional as a violation of Article 23 Section 7 of the Oklahoma Constitution. Plaintiff’s husband was killed in an accident and plaintiff’s wife made a substantial recovery against a third-party tortfeasor and brought a companion workers’ compensation case… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Punts on the Issue of Whether Agent’s Dismissal with Prejudice on Notice of Claim Grounds Precludes Vicarious Claim Banner v. Gordon| Arizona Supreme Court | JSH Attorney Eileen GilBride The Supreme Court avoided answering the questions posed in this case: does an involuntary dismissal with prejudice of an agent or employee constitute an adjudication on the merits, regardless of the grounds for the dismissal; and does an involuntary dismissal with prejudice of an… Continue Reading

Much to Lisa Angelo's surprise, upon the reopening of the courts during COVID-19, the parties in her case were ordered to appear for trial and jury selection. In this real estate fraud case, the plaintiff sued her former best friend of 34 years, for intentional misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation, constructive fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty. The defendant vehemently denied each and every allegation set forth by the plaintiff. Due to “social distancing,” they could only… Continue Reading

Carr Allison attorneys Caroline Pryor and Alex Townsley of our Mobile (AL) office, recently won summary judgment for a retail client in a case where the plaintiff tripped on a gas pump island, sustaining a fractured shoulder. In support of the argument that the gas pump island was open and obvious under Alabama’s objective standard, the defense showed that nothing was blocking the plaintiff’s view of the pump island at the time of the accident… Continue Reading

Baird Holm Partners Chris Hedican and Mark Goldsmith achieved a successful outcome for their client, Walmart. In March, a Kansas federal jury found in its favor on a sex discrimination and retaliation case. Hedican and Goldsmith acted as trial counsel for Walmart in this case. Continue Reading

Dysart Taylor trial success Dysart Taylor director Lee Brumitt secured a jury verdict in favor of his client, an apartment management company, against claims that it violated the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act (MMPA) based on alleged deceptive practices in the leasing and termination of a lease. The plaintiffs in this case, two tenants who leased an apartment which began experiencing HVAC problems, claimed that the management company misrepresented the apartment unit as “energy efficient,” terminated… Continue Reading

After a two-week in-person jury trial in Kleberg County (Kingsville, Texas), Mike Magee and Brian Armstrong, MehaffyWeber shareholders received a complete defense verdict in a negligence/death case for their client, Hunter Industries, Ltd. (“Hunter”). In February 2017, two young men were driving together on a clear afternoon in Refugio County on US 77 when their vehicle ran off the road and vaulted into the San Antonio River. Tragically, both young men drowned. The families of… Continue Reading

After six years of litigation and a week in trial, a dismissal with prejudice was entered for defendant Louisville Ladder Company due to impeachment evidence against plaintiff Richard Skinner. Friedrich W. Seitz and Kelsey L. Maxwell represented the defendant. The case began on May 6, 2016, when the plaintiff sued Louisville Ladder Company because of a fall from a ladder on May 18, 2014, which shattered his left calcaneus. On the eve of trial, the court granted the defendant’s… Continue Reading

Carr Allison trial success Carr Allison attorneys Chris Barkas and Kyle Weaver scored a substantial victory in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Plaintiff’s treating physicians and retained experts intended to offer the expert opinion the accident caused the plaintiff’s injuries. Barkas and Weaver filed five Daubert motions to preclude the physicians from offering their opinions on causation focusing on each physician’s lack of knowledge about the plaintiffs’ medical history,… Continue Reading

The trial was held in September 2021, following a rear-end collision that occurred in February 2018. The plaintiff was a 59- year-old male who claimed the accident aggravated unspecified conditions in his neck and caused exacerbation of a preexisting herniation of his L4/5 intervertebral disc to worsen. Because of his claimed injuries, the plaintiff underwent a one-level discectomy and fusion with medical specials totaling approximately $300,000 and had lost wages over $200,000. The trial lasted… Continue Reading

Roetzel’s Appellate Team Obtains 7-0 Decision from Ohio Supreme Court State ex rel. Grendell v. Walder, 2022-Ohio-204 (Feb. 1, 2022) Roetzel & Andress attorneys Stephen W. Funk and Emily Anglewicz of its Appellate Law team recently obtained a 7-0 decision from the Ohio Supreme Court in a writ of mandamus action filed on behalf of Judge Timothy J. Grendell, the Administrative Judge of the Geauga County Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile and Probate Divisions. The… Continue Reading

Pamela Hallford of Carr Allison in Dothan, Alabama, represented a trucking client in a jury trial. The trial took place in Conecuh County (AL) and Hallford obtained a favorable verdict for her client. Click here for more information. Continue Reading

Sweeney & Sheehan Partner Robyn Farrell McGrath recently represented a commercial property owner and received a compulsory non-suit at the end of the plaintiff’s case in a premises liability action tried in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas. The 51-year-old plaintiff had suffered bilateral lower extremity fractures after falling from a 16’ extension ladder and was claiming permanent disability because of his injuries. Plaintiff sued both a tenant and the property owner, arguing that… Continue Reading

Traub Lieberman Partner Lisa M. Rolle obtained summary judgment in favor of defendant SRI Fire Sprinkler, LLC, a family-owned and operated fire sprinkler company. The judgment was determined pursuant to CPLR 3211(a)(5) on the grounds that Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company’s (Plaintiff) negligent construction claim accrued on the date when work was completed at the premises, not on the date of the incident as alleged in the Plaintiff’s complaint. In the underlying subrogation action, the Plaintiff commenced… Continue Reading

Traub Lieberman Partner Colleen Hastie defeated a dispositive motion to dismiss in favor of third-party Skilled Nursing Facility (“SNF”). Plaintiff commenced action against SNF sounding in medical malpractice, negligence, and violations of Public Health Law §2801-d, alleging SNF failed to properly care for, diagnose, and treat the plaintiff’s decedent during his residence at SNF. SNF commenced third-party action alleging contribution and common law and contractual indemnification against SNF’s contract physician (“physician”) who treated decedent during decedent’s… Continue Reading

Pion Law attorneys John Pion, Jim Girman and Jordan Hettrich recently obtained a defense verdict following a week-long trial in Federal Court in Erie, Pennsylvania. The case, Robert Repa and Jean Repa v. Frank Napierkowski and Hilltrux Tank Lines, Inc., stemmed from a May 2, 2018, incident in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania. Plaintiffs alleged that on the night of the incident, Frank Napierkowski, a driver for Hilltrux Tank Lines, Inc., struck Robert Repa as Mr. Repa,… Continue Reading

MehaffyWeber received a complete summary judgment of all claims against their client in a large commercial arbitration. It is rare to get a hearing on a summary judgment from an arbitrator, much less to get one granted. Corey Seel and Warren Wise prepared the motion and arguments, and Trey Sandoval and Stephanie Shoemaker helped review and categorize the massive document productions. Continue Reading

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