Pitfalls and Successes of Remote/Hybrid Depositions, Pre-Trial Conferences, and Trials: What Have We Learned, How is Discovery Impacted, and Where Do We Go From Here?




Lisa D. Angelo, Murchison & Cumming, LLP (Los Angeles, CA); Michael D. Plachy, Lewis Roca (Denver, CO)

About this program

Litigating during a worldwide pandemic has caused us all to change the way we work, think, and understand what is and is not necessary to be successful. Who would have thought that we need not travel and sit in a conference room of a law office to take a deposition? That we need not sit in a courtroom to attend a hearing or bench trial? And that we are perfectly capable of trying a case with masks, plexiglass and a limited number of people in the courtroom? Is litigation using remote technology here to stay? Are we ready for it to serve as a substitute for face-to-face meetings and informal negotiations? And how then do we foster inner-office comradery and evolve traditional notions of relationship building? Join us as we address these important questions and discuss what our future business and legal landscape might look like.

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