Complex Tort and Product Liability

The USLAW NETWORK Complex Tort and Product Liability Practice Group is a nationwide network of experienced attorneys committed to providing the highest quality legal services to effectively and efficiently achieve the goals of the clients we serve. We share a commitment to integrity and professionalism and are dedicated to finding creative and cost-effective solutions to the full range of product liability and complex tort exposures, including toxic and mass tort, class actions and claims under consumer protection statutes, so that the results we achieve exceed the expectations of our clients.

Why Choose USLAW Complex Tort and Product Liability Law Firms?

The lawyers within the Complex Tort and Product Liability Practice Group are specialists and include leaders in our field who have lectured and written extensively on cutting-edge topics and litigation techniques. We provide a full range of litigation and counseling services related to the entire spectrum of product liability and complex tort issues, from traditional exposures to emerging trends, and from single lawsuits to multi-jurisdiction litigation.  Often, these matters involve catastrophic injuries or property damage.

Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in thousands of product liability matters across the country and throughout the world. In addition to our vast experience with product liability trials and litigation, we advise our clients on matters relating to pre-litigation planning, litigation management, liability exposure, risk management, risk avoidance and risk transference. This can include working with clients on recall and/or retrofit campaigns, warning labels, operator manuals, disclaimers, indemnity agreements and insurance coverage issues. Utilizing the USLAW Complex Tort and Product Liability Practice Group provides clients with nationwide access to highly experienced liability attorneys who share information and resources for the benefit of their clients. When you retain a USLAW Complex Tort and Product Liability Practice Group attorney, you are assured the highest level of quality representation whatever, and wherever, your needs may be. Through seminars, meetings and virtual networking, the members of this practice group communicate with one another to stay abreast of technological advances and changes of law in all areas relating to product liability.

We are trial lawyers, not just litigators. Our attorneys are skilled at early case evaluation and are dedicated to finding creative and cost-effective solutions to complex issues and looking for alternative methods for dispute resolution when appropriate. We represent regionally, nationally and internationally based manufacturers, distributors and retailers of all sizes. Clients from around the world rely upon us to get the job done.

Areas of Practice

Our lawyers defend products of every sort, from consumer goods and automobiles to industrial machinery and high-tech medical devices and everything in between. In addition, USLAW Complex Tort and Product Liability Practice Group attorneys have represented clients in every major mass product liability and toxic tort litigation since the inception of Section 402A of the Restatement (Second) of Torts, including asbestos, silica, breast implant, Dalkon Shield, Pedicle Screw, Fen/Phen, Redux and latex glove litigation, to name a few. Products defended by our members include:

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Alcohol and Distilled Spirits
  • Aircraft (Private and Commercial)
  • Asbestos
  • Automobiles
  • Beverage Containers
  • Boats and Ships (Commercial and Pleasure)
  • Breast Implants
  • Building and Construction Equipment
  • Chemicals, Solvents and Plastics
  • Construction, Products, Vehicles and Equipment
  • Consumer Products, Appliances, Equipment and Goods
  • Cosmetics
  • Electrical Equipment and Devices
  • Electrical Wire and Cable
  • Firearms
  • Fire Sprinklers and Fire Protection Devices
  • Flooring Systems
  • Food Products
  • Furniture
  • Hand Tools
  • Herbicides and Pesticides
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Ladders
  • Lawn Movers and Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Locomotives and Locomotive Equipment
  • Medical Devices and Supplies
  • Mining Equipment
  • Motorcycles and Recreational Vehicles
  • Pharmaceuticals, Prescription Drugs and Over-the-Counter Medications
  • Power Tools
  • Recreational Equipment
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment and Safety Devices
  • Roofing Systems
  • Scaffolding
  • Swimming Pools
  • Tanks and Containers
  • Tires
  • Toys and Children’s Products
  • Tobacco Products
  • Trucks and Commercial Transportation
  • Windows



Christopher M. Cotter

Snyder Burnett Egerer, LLP
Santa Barbara, CA
United States
Vice Chair

Jack J. Laffey

Laffey, Leitner & Goode LLC
Milwaukee, WI
United States

Stephen J. Marshall

Franklin & Prokopik, P.C.
Baltimore, MD
United States
Educational Coordinator

Nicholas A. Rauch

Larson • King, LLP (ND)
Fargo, ND
United States


Client Advisor

Amy E. Blankenship

Lasko Products, LLC
West Chester, PA
United States
Headshot of Amy E. Blankenship
Client Advisor

Sally M. Bowman

Volvo Group North America, LLC
Greensboro, NC
United States
Headshot of Sally M. Bowman
Client Advisor

Matthew Cairns

Textron Inc.
Providence, RI
United States
Headshot of Matthew  Cairns
Client Advisor

Jessica C. Casey

Cox Enterprises, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
United States
Headshot of Jessica C. Casey
Client Advisor

David Gordon

Fluidmaster, Inc.
San Juan Capitrano, CA
United States
Headshot of David  Gordon
Client Advisor

Suzanne G. Meredith

Toyota Material Handling, Inc.
Columbus, IN
United States
Headshot of Suzanne G. Meredith
Client Advisor

Laura B. Mongioi

J.M. Huber Corporation
Atlanta, GA
United States
Headshot of Laura B. Mongioi
Client Advisor

Gregory J. Mulligan

Evonik Corporation
Piscataway, NJ
United States
Headshot of Gregory J. Mulligan
Client Advisor

Brian P. O’Laughlin

Kohler Co.
Kohler, WI
United States
Headshot of Brian P. O’Laughlin
Client Advisor

Troy R. Olsen

WCM Industries, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO
United States
Headshot of Troy R. Olsen
Client Advisor

Jurgen Suuck

Tokio Marine HCC
Pasedena, CA
United States
Headshot of Jurgen  Suuck

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