TELFA releases 2022 country-by-country European corporate structure guide


The Trans European Law Firms Alliance (TELFA) recently released the 2022 edition of its TELFA Corporate Practice Group country-by-country guide where legal decision-makers will find relevant info for creating corporate structures in jurisdictions across Europe. In 2007, USLAW established a mutual relationship with TELFA, a network of over 30 independent law firms in Europe representing more than 1,000 lawyers.

According to TELFA, the 2022 corporate structure guide is intended:

— To provide an overview of the different corporate structures and requirements in the EU.
— To inform about directors’ liabilities.
— To supplement company law aspects by always considering issues of tax.

TELFA Corporate Practice Group co-chairs Anastasia Aravani, Sébastien Popijn, Andrea Rescigno and Nadine von Büren – Maier coordinated this compilation.

To view and download the TELFA Country-by-County Guide, click here.

NOTE: These readily digestible summaries are intended to give readers and legal decision-makers a first look at another jurisdiction and should not be treated as a complete exposition of the relevant law.

 The Trans-European Law Firms Alliance (TELFA) was founded in 1989 and born out of the need to serve clients doing business across the jurisdictions of Europe. TELFA has enjoyed a high degree of stability of member firms who have known each other and worked together in complete trust for years. This guarantees a high level of service given to clients. This strategy has been TELFA’s signature for more than 30 years. Through the sustained commitment of its members, TELFA has become one of the strongest alliances of independent law firms in Europe. For more information, visit

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