TELFA releases 2023 European Works Council Jurisdictional Overview


The Trans-European Law Firm Alliance (TELFA) releases a new European Works Council Jurisdictional Overview encompassing more than 20 European nations. The European Works Council Directive, established in 1994, aims to facilitate the establishment and effective functioning of European Works Councils (EWCs).

  • It applies to companies operating in at least two EU member states with a minimum of 1,000 employees. The directive mandates these companies to either establish an EWC or engage in other forms of cross-border consultation and information-sharing with their employees.
  • This concise overview explores the legal frameworks governing EWCs, including the European Works Council Directive itself and its implementation through national legislation.
  • It examines the rights and obligations of employee representatives and management, clarifying the practical implications of the directive’s provisions in cross-border settings.

By providing a comprehensive snapshot of EWC jurisdiction, this overview equips employers, employee representatives, legal practitioners, and policymakers with a foundational understanding of the legal landscape surrounding EWCs, fostering compliance with the European Works Council Directive and enabling effective transnational collaboration.

Click here to view/download the European Works Council Jurisdictional Overview.

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