USLAW Magazine Spring 2022 edition now available


The spring 2022 issue of USLAW Magazine is now available for download by clicking here.

What’s inside this issue?

In the complimentary spring 2022 issue, you will find articles that address the latest insights on property and casualty coverage, cybersecurity and remote work implications, deposition considerations, NFTs, GIG economy, drones, collateral source, antitrust and more. To access the full magazine, click here or see the individual article links below.

  • Lessons from Surfside: Implications for Property and Liability Coverage by Paul McCullough, P.E. • S-E-A and Lisa Rolle • Traub Lieberman
  • Timeouts or Half-Time Pep Talks: When and How to Consult About Your Deposition Game Plan Without Getting a Penalty by Megan Fulcher Bosak and Michaela L. Cloutier • Flaherty Sensabaugh Bonasso PLLC
  • Preserving Your Company’s Confidential Business Information in the Age of Working Remotely and Cybersecurity Threats by Brian Whiteley, Michael Murphy, and Payne Horning • Barclay Damon LLP
  • Will Europe Strangulate Its Gig-Economy? European Union prepares legal framework for working through digital labor platforms by Dr. Jan Tibor Lelley, LL.M. and Diana Ruth Bruch • BUSE
  • Recent Interest in “Promotion of Competition” Signals Change on the Horizon for Use of Non-Compete Agreements by Kayla M. Scarpone • Carr Allison
  • Student-Athlete Sponsorship Deals in 2022: What Businesses Should Know by J’Naia L. Boyd • Rivkin Radler LLP
  • Antitrust 2022: The Antitrust Paradox vs. The New Brandeisians by John D. Cromie • Connell Foley LLP
  • I’m Responsible for the Whole Verdict? The Changing Face of Joint and Several Liability in Pennsylvania in the Aftermath of the Spencer Decision by John Pion and Bradley Sprout • Pion, Nerone, Girman, Winslow & Smith, P.C
  • Medicare Claim Denials Are Happening to Individuals After Settlement, Study Confirms by Jayson Gallant • Ametros
  • Good Company Stories: How Jurors Assess Corporations, and What That Means for Your Litigation by Alexander C. Jay and David Metz • IMS Consulting
  • Collateral Source: Constant Confusion by Katherine L. Vojas and Jeffrey E. Atkinson • Lashly & Baer, P.C.
  • Flamethrowing Drones in My Backyard? Emerging Trends in Drone Regulation and Litigation by Shane O’Bryan • Middleton Reutlinger
  • “Pulp Fiction” and Beyond: The Future of NFT Litigation by Alexander LaCroix, Andi Lefor, and Erik Stone • Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, P.C.
  • GDPR’s children data regime: The best interest of the child v commercial interests by Alexander Dittel • Wedlake Bell LLP
  • Calculating Damages in Representations and Warranties Cases by Ephraim Stulberg and Yvonne Kitkarska • MDD Forensic Accountants
  • What is an Invention? Canada’s Approach to Patentable Subject Matter by Dr. Angela Keuling • Parlee McLaws LLP

USLAW Magazine is a quarterly magazine with articles written by attorneys from USLAW member firms as well as industry leading corporate partners. Each issue is produced and designed to address legal and business issues facing commercial and corporate clients.

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