USLAW NETWORK adds USLAW co-founder Charles Carr’s name to major USLAW annual award


USLAW NETWORK has added USLAW co-founder Charles F. Carr’s name to one of USLAW’s major annual awards, now named the O’Hagan-Carr Award.

The award was originally named after Jim O’Hagan, a co-founding member of USLAW, and is given annually by the USLAW Chair to a USLAW member(s) who demonstrates outstanding service and commitment to the organization’s guiding principles, mission, and objectives.

“We are so proud to add Charles Carr’s name to our annual award that recognizes excellence in our membership,” said Oscar J. Cabanas, USLAW Chair from Wicker Smith in Miami. “Jim (O’Hagan) and Charles were the early visionaries for what USLAW could be. They teamed up with several more member firms, and USLAW was launched in 2001.

“In addition to being a co-founder of USLAW and an exceptional litigator for more than 40 years, Charles has set the model for growing USLAW through trusted friendships and partnerships across the NETWORK, promoting exceptional client service, mentoring young attorneys, and leading by example while serving in a variety of leadership roles through the years. Jim and Charles did so much to build USLAW; we are thrilled to bring them together again and recognize and celebrate them through this annual award tribute.”

Since USLAW’s launch in 2001, USLAW evolved from six firms to become a global network supporting clients and legal decision-makers wherever their legal matters arise.

Click here to learn more about Carr, co-founder and name partner at Carr Allison in Birmingham, Alabama.

For a full list of past recipients of the O’Hagan-Carr Award, click here.

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